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A home invasion is one of the most profoundly emotionally-damaging events that can happen to a family. Consequently, penalties for home invasion crimes are often harsh. A home invasion crime is one that occurs when a person knowingly enters the home of another, without authority, when he or she is aware that the home is occupied and with the intention of committing a crime within the home. The mere threat to use violence or force against an occupant of the home that has been invaded may even be sufficient evidence to charge someone with a home invasion crime.

A violation of a space in which people feel safer, a home invasion isn’t an offense that California courts look upon favorably. If a home invasion is committed by a group of two or more individuals, the penalties increase because of the implication that the home invasion was planned in advance. Consequently, if you are accused of a home invasion either legitimately or through an error, your first call should be to an experienced home invasion criminal defense attorney.

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A Profile of the Average Home Invasion

The majority of home invasions occurs at night or during weekends when it might be that a home is unoccupied. Many times the resident of the targeted home is as much a target as the house, with victims chosen because of their circumstances. For instance many home invasion perpetrators choose homes in which:

  • A known drug dealer resides.
  • A wealthy family or senior citizen resides.
  • A single woman resides.

Occasionally, a home invasion is the result of a perpetrator following his or her victim home because the victim drives a certain car or wears a certain type of expensive jewelry. Home invaders sometimes take on the ploy of pretending to be a delivery person, a repair person, or some other type of vendor. Rarely working alone, most perpetrators of a home invasion carry something with which to restrict any victims who are in the home, like duct tape, rope, or handcuffs; or, they will threaten victims with a weapon to intimidate them into doing what they want them to do or just remain quiet.

Penalties for Conviction of a Home Invasion Offense

Penalties for a home invasion conviction vary depending upon the circumstances and can range from fines and probation to serious jail time. Factors that determine the severity of the penalties and punishment for a home invasion include:

  • Prior convictions and criminal history
  • The severity of any injuries that were caused
  • A current parole or probation service
  • Aggravating circumstances
  • Whether or not a weapon was used
  • The attitude of the court or community in reference to home invasions
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Los Angeles Defense Attorney R.J. Manuelian Handles Home Invasion Defense for Clients

Defenses for a home invasion charge could include factual innocence, having the authority or consent to be on the property, no intention of causing injury, insufficient evidence, mistaken identity and more. However, if you have been charged with a home invasion, you don’t want to leave your defense to chance. Contact a qualified California defense attorney immediately for representation and to assure that your rights are protected. R.J. Manuelian is an experienced Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer you can count on to do everything he can to see that you are treated fairly by the courts if charged with a crime of any kind. He will thoroughly investigate your case, negotiate with prosecutors to lower the charges or dismiss your case, and plan a solid defense strategy for your trial, if necessary. Contact him today for a free consultation about your home invasion arrest or charge.

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