Suspect Sought In Girl’s Sexual Assault in Palmdale Denny’s

The recent case of a sexual assault against a 10-year old girl in a Palmdale Denny’s restaurant has authorities scrambling to find the suspect. The incident occurred when the girl was with her family eating dinner. A blond male followed the girl into the restroom and sexually assaulted her. The man fled when another patron entered the restroom. While other details are limited, a photograph of the suspect taken by the restaurant’s security cameras has been released to the public in hopes of identifying the individual.

While the local sheriff’s department claims they only want to question the individual, it would be in his best interest to obtain the services of the best criminal lawyer in Los Angeles before turning himself in for questioning. A qualified lawyer will be able to advise him of his rights and help him to better understand any charges that may be brought against him. They would also be able to thoroughly explain any court proceedings, he may have to attend.

According to statistics provided by the University of New Hampshire, sexual assaults against children have been on the decrease. Many attribute this to stricter laws regarding child abuse as well as more informed and diligent public. Other statistics include:

  • Studies suggest 20 percent of adult females experienced some type of sexual assault prior to the age of 18, while 5 to 10 percent of adult males claim to have been assaulted
  • Another self-report study claims that over 50 percent of lifetime rapes occurred before the age of 18, while 29 percent were experienced before 12 years of age

Children are being taught about abuse at a much younger age than ever before, giving them the necessary resources to adequately report incidents. They are taught who to contact in case of an assault as well as what information to provide. The best criminal lawyer in Los Angeles may not be able to dispute the factual evidence, but they can question how the evidence was obtained and if the child was coerced in any way to give misleading testimony.

Legal Representation for Sexual Assault Suspects in Relation to Minors

Adequate representation in sexual assault cases is necessary if the defendant expects to receive a fair trial, especially in the case of sexual assault crimes against minors. Because of the sensitive nature of the crimes and how the emotional state of the children, sexual assaults is hard to prove unless there are eyewitness accounts and physical evidence to substantiate the allegations. An often time, the verbal testimony of a child is disputed because of their inexperience. The best criminal lawyer in Los Angeles will be able to question the child without guiding, or suggesting incriminating responses that could affect the verdict of the trial.

In some cases, it is believed that children will say what they think others want to hear. While this may be beneficial for the prosecution, it can spell disaster for the defense team. Many judges prefer to record a child’s testimony or have it presented behind closed doors in the judge’s chambers to prevent this type of scenario.

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