Summer in Los Angeles Often Called “The Season of Shooting”

Criminal Defense Attorneys

Criminal Defense Attorneys

According to the LA Times, the first day of summer usually marks what Harbor-UCLA Medical Center has dubbed “the season of shooting” when the “homeboy ambulance service” routinely brings in young men with gunshot wounds, often from gang-related shootings. In fact, one doctor at the Medical Center, Dr Brant Putnam, estimates that he has personally treated some 5000 gun shoot wounds in the past 20 years, most being children and women who are hit by stray gunfire. Those arrested for such shootings are often children themselves and end up facing at best an assault charge and at worst a murder charge.

Five Most Often Seen Violent Crimes by Criminal Defense Attorneys

Violent crimes are always serious and always carry with them the possibility of long jail sentences, fines, and a ruined life for those convicted of the crime regardless of the intention of harm. While a variety of crimes can be categorized as violent, most violent crime, as any experienced Los Angeles criminal defense attorney  will attest to, which regularly occurs, include the crimes of:

 •    Murder. Governed by California Penal Code Section (CPC) 187 and broken into three classifications: manslaughter, second-degree and first-degree, murder crimes increase in the type of penalty as you proceed from manslaughter to first-degree murder.

•    Rape. Governed by CPC 261, rape is illegal sexual intercourse with another without the other person’s consent; and even if consent is given, under certain circumstances (say sex with a minor), a rape conviction is possible. Most felony rape convictions result in penalties of long-term incarceration and fines of up to $10,000 as well as registration as a sex offender.

•    Robbery. Governed by CPC 211, robbery is the illegal taking of the personal property of another from their immediate presence against his or her will by use of fear or force. Robberies in which the perpetrator forcibly takes the property form someone in a dwelling, ATM, or from a bus driver, taxi driver, or passenger are usually tried as first-degree robberies. All other robberies are classified as second-degree ones.

•    Lewd acts upon a child. Governed by the CPC 288, the crime of lewd acts with a minor include such acts as touching of a child under the age of 14, having that child touch the body of the defendant for the purpose of sexual arousal, using fear or force to touch a child under the age of 14 for sexual gratification, or touching a child in an effort to sexually arouse the child. The touching does not necessarily have to be inherently done in a lewd manner to qualify as a crime.

•    Aggravated assault. Governed by the CPC 245, aggravated assault (also called assault with a deadly weapon), encompasses the use of a deadly weapon in the commission of a crime.

Being involved in a violent crime in Los Angeles, gang-related or not, is serious. Consequently, if you or a loved one is charged with such a crime, it is critical that you find the best criminal defense lawyer in Los Angeles you can afford. A conviction of any type of crime, violent or not, will dramatically affect the rest of your life, so don’t take any chances with your freedom or your future by allowing a court appointed lawyer defend you. Court-appointed representation is fraught with negative consequences as public defenders are often asked to juggle many cases and often appear in court with little preparation of a defense for clients.

R.J. Manuelian is a criminal defense attorney with a thriving practice located in Los Angeles. Having successfully represented criminal defendants in the Los Angeles area and across the state, R.J. often blogs and writes articles to inform the public about criminal law and the need to hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer whenever charged with any criminal offense.

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