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OC NAEJA Justice, Calls Committee Volunteers

When RJ Manuelian, a volunteer with the National Association of Equal Justice in America, goes out to speak, he often finds that half of his audience is with him, the other half is against him.

His message that Black families and mothers must stay on top of their kids because the fight for justice is harder for.

Black males isn't always the most popular of messages. Mostly, it goes over like a lead balloon.

"They say, 'that's not fair, how can you say that?" said Manuelian, a Los Angeles civil defense attorney. "It's a reflection on the system, but the messenger is the one that gets it."

Coming from a family lineage of poor Armenian immigrants, Manuelian said that he nearly ended up in trouble as a teen, but both of his parents stayed involved. He promised himself that once he made it, he would give back to the community.

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Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney RJ Manuelian Introduces Groundbreaking Movie Trailer

RJ Manuelian Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer has collaborated with the up and coming Director Eric Cook to create a short trailer raising the bar on attorney advertising.

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Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney Helps Bus Driver Get $6 Million Verdict against Los Angeles Sheriff's Department

RJ Manuelian maintains every client he has represented, accused of crimes against law enforcement, were innocent. He believes that "bad apples" in law enforcement attempt to conceal their misconduct or abuse of authority by making false criminal allegations to hide their unlawful acts and avoid legal liability.

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The “Iron Man” of Criminal Defense

I was investigated for Rape. I had consensual sex with a girl who changed her story about our consent when her father found out she slept with me. I was very worried about getting arrested and searched the internet for a lawyer. I interviewed 7 lawyers and found RJ to be the best player for my team. The other lawyers quoted me much higher fees and weren't as honest with me as RJ was. He tells you the honest truth (he calls "brutal honesty") and makes you feel like he's someone you trust with your life. I did and he got my case dismissed. I listened to him and followed his strategy and he actually did it! I was even surprised how fast he got my case dismissed despite all the horrible allegations made against me.

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