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"Branded as a brutally honest" lawyer, R.J. Manuelian has garnered national media attention for his expertise and dedication to his criminal defense clients. As an experienced Los Angeles criminal defense attorney, R.J. carefully develops a legal strategy for clients by doing an in-depth assessment of every criminal case he takes on and collecting and evaluating the evidence of the case to present clients with a realistic goal for the outcome of his or her case.

Convinced that the key to a successful relationship between client and attorney depends upon trust, R.J. works hard to earn the trust of his clients. His interaction with clients is straightforward, personalized and honest, a combination that is vital to the achievement of a positive outcome for those he represents in criminal matters. Incorporating cutting-edge technological advances in his practice and continuously developing his highly-acclaimed communications skills, R.J. is a highly-sought-after criminal defense attorney in California and throughout the United States.

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The “Iron Man” of Criminal Defense

I was investigated for Rape. I had consensual sex with a girl who changed her story about our consent when her father found out she slept with me. I was very worried about getting arrested and searched the internet for a lawyer. I interviewed 7 lawyers and found RJ to be the best player for my team. The other lawyers quoted me much higher fees and weren't as honest with me as RJ was. He tells you the honest truth (he calls "brutal honesty") and makes you feel like he's someone you trust with your life. I did and he got my case dismissed. I listened to him and followed his strategy and he actually did it! I was even surprised how fast he got my case dismissed despite all the horrible allegations made against me.

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