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RJ Manuelian - Los Angeles Criminal Defense LawyerBeing arrested and charged with a criminal offense is scary. With your future at stake, you want to know that you have a strong advocate on your side to look after your best interests and to make sure that you are treated fairly. You also want someone on your side that has the experience, reputation, and resources necessary to develop a solid strategy for representation of your rights before, during, and after trial.

R.J. Manuelian has stood by the side of clients for years as a trusted legal representative involving criminal charges of all types in local, state, juvenile, and federal courts. His expertise in criminal defense has been widely publicized in media outlets throughout Los Angeles County and California, and he is known as a "hard-hitting", "brutally honest", and "savvy" criminal defense attorney. Always alert to the needs of his criminal defense clients, R.J. has a reputation for providing clients with effective, competent and compassionate representation.

R.J. Manuelian Consistently Provides a Solid Defense for His Los Angeles Criminal Clients

Crimes for which R.J. has consistently and successfully defended clients include:
  • Violent Crimes – Murder, Domestic Violence, Illegal Possession Of Weapons, Kidnapping, Hate Crimes, Terrorists Threats, Vehicular Manslaughter, Child Abuse, Elder Abuse, Assault & Battery
  • Sex Crimes – Rape, Sexual Assault, Sex With A Minor, Internet Sex, Child Pornography & Child Molestation
  • Drug Crimes – Possession, Manufacture/Sales, Heroin Crimes, Marijuana Crimes, Cocaine Crimes, Other Drug Offenses & Transportation/Distribution
  • Alcohol Crimes – Drunk Driving
  • Theft Crimes – Robbery, Burglary, Larceny, Home Invasion & Grand Theft
  • White Collar Crimes – Fraud, Extortion, Computer Crimes, Racketeering & Embezzlement
  • Specific Legal Matters – Professional License Defense, Immigration, DNA Evidence, Appeals & Expungements

Highly familiar with the intricacies involved in the defense of criminal charges, R.J. brings his vast array of resources and excellent trial lawyer's talents to the preparation and presentation of a solid defense for every client he represents. He zealously represents all his clients to assure that your Constitutional rights are not violated, that you receive a fair trial, that the investigation of your case is properly conducted, and that you arrive at court fully prepared to assist with your own defense. His bargaining skills are second to none and he is often successful in the art of plea bargaining, charge bargaining and sentence bargaining.
As a client of R.J., you'll stay fully informed about all facets of your criminal case and be provided with ample information and guidance to make the various decisions that must be made as your case progresses. Fully invested in keeping clients abreast of the progression of their criminal case, R.J. is available to clients before, during and after the stressful times of arrest, charges, hearings, pre-trial preparation, and trial.

Contact R.J. Manuelian for Experienced Criminal Defense Legal Representation

Every criminal case is unique and requires its own unique defense. R.J. Manuelian isn't a cookie-cutter lawyer. He carefully evaluates every criminal case that comes his way and develops a unique, well-thought-out strategic defense plan for the clients he chooses to represent. If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime in Los Angeles County or California, R.J. invites you to contact at 213-401-2777 him for a free evaluation of your case.

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The “Iron Man” of Criminal Defense

I was investigated for Rape. I had consensual sex with a girl who changed her story about our consent when her father found out she slept with me. I was very worried about getting arrested and searched the internet for a lawyer. I interviewed 7 lawyers and found RJ to be the best player for my team. The other lawyers quoted me much higher fees and weren't as honest with me as RJ was. He tells you the honest truth (he calls "brutal honesty") and makes you feel like he's someone you trust with your life. I did and he got my case dismissed. I listened to him and followed his strategy and he actually did it! I was even surprised how fast he got my case dismissed despite all the horrible allegations made against me.

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