Former Teacher To Stand Trial For Kidnapping, Other Charges

The recent arrest and conviction of a Las Vegas kindergarten teacher on kidnapping charges has once again brought to light how students can be taken advantage of through the use of the internet. William Sprowson, Jr. was convicted of the charges by Justice of the Peace William Kephart. Kephart stated in his decision that Sprowson knew that it was wrong to solicit a relationship with the 16 year old student, but continued to pursue it anyway.

The fact that he abducted her from her home, only added to the severity of the crime. The student claimed to be a willing participant, but the judge denied her comments and ruled to convict Sprowson on all counts. Sprowson had placed an ad on Craigslist to which the student had responded. After several conversations, the teacher decided to pick up the student and help her get away from her parents. Even though a sexual relationship was underway between the two, Kephart only convicted Sprowson on the kidnapping charges. At 16 years of age, the girl was legal in the state of Nevada to give her consent to have sexual relations.

Hiring a professional Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer when facing these types of charges is of the utmost importance. Even when a guilty plea is imminent due to the facts presented in the case, the defendant has the right to competent and effective representation.

Building a Positive Legal Defense

As a professional Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer, there are several things each must do to ensure they are doing their job efficiently and effectively.

  • Know the facts of the case
  • Be prepared to thoroughly research past precedents that involve similar cases
  • Present a valid argument
  • If guilt cannot be denied, negotiate a fair sentence
  • Strive to offer the best representation possible given the circumstances of the case

In cases, such as that of Sprowson, the facts in the case are substantiated by valid evidence. This type of evidentiary support can have a negative impact on a case if the defendant expects to plead not guilty. A qualified and knowledgeable professional Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer will be able to come up with an alternative argument that, even though may not result in an acquittal, will offer the defendant a fair and just sentence.

Understanding the law and how it applies to each case is imperative in building a strong and reliable defense for their client. Past cases and possible plea agreements offered by the prosecuting attorney can help both sides come to a fair and equitable resolution that benefits both parties. Although the crime cannot be undone, an adequate sentence can bring some form of relief to the victim and his or her family.

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