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Being arrested for transportation/distribution of controlled substances in the state of California is serious business. California law enforcement doesn’t look too kindly upon those engaged in promoting the use of drugs and cracks down hard on anyone who is remotely associated or suspected of transportation/distribution.


Legally speaking distribution of drugs is the delivery and sale of controlled substances like marijuana, prescription drugs and cocaine. Other common drugs that are confiscated when police arrest people for distribution include ecstasy, GHB, PCP, morphine, Violin and antidepressants. A felony, distribution in California can result in a two- to nine-year prison sentence and large fines, depending on the circumstances of the charge, the type of drug involved, and the amount of drug confiscated.


The circumstance which must be present before you can be arrested and charged with distribution is the actual selling or delivery of a controlled substance or the offer or attempt to coerce another to sell or deliver a controlled substance. Drug crimes closely associated with drug distribution include drug transportation and drug trafficking, both felonies that could result in severe penalties in California.

What is involved in a Drug Transportation Charge in California?

Drug transportation charges in California are contingent upon the moving of a controlled substance from one place to another. Usually associated with transportation in motor vehicles, arrests have been made of people transporting controlled substances on foot, on bicycles, motorcycles, boats, scooters and other modes of transportation. You can be charged with drug transportation even if you are not in personal possession of a drug, but simply have a controlled substance in the vehicle you are driving. The assumption is that if you are in a vehicle that has drugs in it and are driving that vehicle, odds are, you know the drugs are present. Consequently, since you have control of the vehicle, you are responsible for the presence of the controlled substance and could be guilty of transportation of drugs. The only caveat to this reasoning is that the drug must be present in a useable amount for a transportation charge to stick. Minor trace amounts of a substance are not sufficient for an arrest of drug transportation to be made. Punishable by two to nine years in a California state prison, transportation of controlled substances results in the same penalties as distribution.

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