Former Teacher To Stand Trial For Kidnapping, Other Charges

The recent arrest and conviction of a Las Vegas kindergarten teacher on kidnapping charges has once again brought to light how students can be taken advantage of through the use of the internet. William Sprowson, Jr. was convicted of the charges by Justice of the Peace William Kephart. Kephart stated in his decision that Sprowson knew that it was wrong to solicit a relationship with the 16 year old student, but continued to pursue it anyway.

The fact that he abducted her from her home, only added to the severity of the crime. The student claimed to be a willing participant, but the judge denied her comments and ruled to convict Sprowson on all counts. Sprowson had placed an ad on Craigslist to which the student had responded. After several conversations, the teacher decided to pick up the student and help her get away from her parents. Even though a sexual relationship was underway between the two, Kephart only convicted Sprowson on the kidnapping charges. At 16 years of age, the girl was legal in the state of Nevada to give her consent to have sexual relations.

Hiring a professional Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer when facing these types of charges is of the utmost importance. Even when a guilty plea is imminent due to the facts presented in the case, the defendant has the right to competent and effective representation. (more…)

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Suspect Sought In Girl’s Sexual Assault in Palmdale Denny’s

The recent case of a sexual assault against a 10-year old girl in a Palmdale Denny’s restaurant has authorities scrambling to find the suspect. The incident occurred when the girl was with her family eating dinner. A blond male followed the girl into the restroom and sexually assaulted her. The man fled when another patron entered the restroom. While other details are limited, a photograph of the suspect taken by the restaurant’s security cameras has been released to the public in hopes of identifying the individual.

While the local sheriff’s department claims they only want to question the individual, it would be in his best interest to obtain the services of the best criminal lawyer in Los Angeles before turning himself in for questioning. A qualified lawyer will be able to advise him of his rights and help him to better understand any charges that may be brought against him. They would also be able to thoroughly explain any court proceedings, he may have to attend. (more…)

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Redlands Teacher Jailed for Sex Abuse with Students Released Early

The recent scandal involving Redlands teacher, Laura Whitehurst, is the latest in a long line of sexual misconduct cases involving a teacher and their students. Whitehurst, pled guilty to having sex with three of her male students, one of which admitted the acts were performed on school grounds. The teacher was originally charged with over 46 criminal counts that would have landed her several years in prison.

With the help of a sex crime attorney in Los Angeles, she was able to plead down her charges and was eventually released after having served a term of one year, in the local county jail. She was released and allowed to resume caring for her infant daughter. A few of the stipulations of her release include:

  • Whitehurst will remain on probation for five years
  • She must register for life as a sex offender
  • She is not allowed to return to work in a school setting

Ms. Whitehursts’ daughter was a product of a sexual encounter with one of her fourteen year old students. The child’s father was unaware of Whitehursts’ release until a few days after it took place. Although the father did not release a statement, his family, including his step father provided local news agencies with interviews revealing their concern for the situation. (more…)

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Citrus Valley High School Teacher is Arrested for Child Abuse

 Los Angeles criminal defense attorney

Child Abuse – Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney

Just a couple of weeks ago a Citrus Valley High School teacher was charged with multiple sex crimes involving three of her male students. According to news sources, Teacher Laura Elizabeth Whitehurst was arrested July 1 on suspicion of having sexual relations with students and actually gave birth to a child as a result of one of those sexual encounters on June 8. Police believe that the father of the child was a 17-year-old student, who was believed to have been present at the birth.

As a result of the allegations of misconduct by Ms. Whitehurst, she was arrested on suspicion of having sex with a minor as well as 41 felony sex crimes involving the alleged father of her child, and 2 other boys over the 6 years of her teaching career in the Redlands Unified School District. The arrest was made only after a complaint was issued by the suspected birth father”s mother who alerted school officials about the matter. After the report, a warrant was issued against Ms. Whitehurst as well as against school officials who failed to report the suspected child abuse as mandated by California law. Obligated by law to report any suspicion of sexual abuse, school officials at the school could face some serious charges with serious consequences-a challenging situation for even the most experienced of Los Angeles child abuse defense attorney.


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Senate Bill Could Open the Floodgates to Sexual Abuse Cases

Child Abuse Lawyer in Los Angeles

Sexual Abuse Lawyer in Los Angeles

According to the Huffington Post, proposed Senate Bill 131 would open a previously closed legal door for child abuse victims and allow abuse victims to sue abusers for decades-old abuse. While many abuse victims may never qualify to have their case heard, millions of other child abuse victims may be able to proceed with their petitions if Senate Bill 131 passes. What the new bill would allow is a lifting of the statute of limitations for one year for a group of alleged victims 26 and older who previously missed the filing deadline for the right to file a civil suit against their alleged abusers. Authored by Democratic Senator Jim Beal, the Bill targets private institutions only.

Consequently, the Catholic Church is a bit concerned and the Los Angeles archdiocese, in particular, is alarmed that this bill would make them “vulnerable to cases like those brought against the church after allegations of clergy sex abuse more than a decade ago.” Many believe that the bill is unfair.


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Los Angeles Child Molestation Accusations Must Be Aggressively Defended

Los Angeles Child Molestation Attorney

R.J. Manuelian – Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer

Stories of child molestation and abuse like last week’s news story of a third-grade Union City teacher who was arrested on 17 counts of lewd and lascivious acts with a child and 23 counts of annoying and molesting a child, are hot topics that make for sensational media feeds and stir up public outrage. But, when you are the person being vilified by local media and the public outrage is directed towards you, you need to find an experienced Los Angeles child molestation attorney is critical. Defense against an allegation of child molestation needs to begin immediately upon the first hint that an arrest or charge might be made against you. Plus, once an allegation of child molestation reaches the local news, you’ll find that the because of the highly-emotional reaction to such a charge, law enforcement as well as your community will form a presumption of your guilt, meaning it will be difficult at best for even a well-reputed, highly-skilled Los Angeles criminal lawyer to defend you.

Lenient sentences are rarely meted out by Los Angeles courts in cases of child molestation and abuse, so the sooner you hire a qualified Los Angeles child molestation attorney the better. A child molestation allegation needs to be aggressively defended from the very beginning to assure any amount of success even if you are innocent of the charge.


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