Case Results

People v. D.T.
Court: Beaver County Court, Nevada
Charges: Possession and Sale of Cocaine and marijuana (13 pounds People v. Turner–
Facts: Client stopped for over 45 minutes while traveling through Nevada.
Results: Charges dismissed based on Motion to Suppress Evidence (Search time was unreasonable)
People v. A.S.
Court: Queens County, New York
Charges: Vehicular Manslaughter
Facts: While driving under the influence of alcohol, NY Taxi Cab Driver hits a pedestrian who died at the scene.
Results: 4 months jail and avoids deportation.
People v. R.G.
Court: Van Nuys, Los Angeles County
Charges: Possession of Marijuana for Sale
Facts: Dispensary was raided by law enforcement and seized 47 pounds of marijuana and over $27,000.00 in cash.
Result: Case Dismissed based on Marijuana Defense. Judge ordered 47 pounds back to client and $27,000.00. 17.6 pounds of marijuana was returned to client and a a check for approximately $27,0000. Client avoids deportation and is back in business.

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People v. C.L
Court: Long Beach
Charges: Murder in the First Degree (Death Penalty Sought at Onset of Case)
Facts: Client charged with conspiring with gang-members to have her husband killed for life insurance proceeds ($1,000,000.00).
Result: All charges dismissed prior to preliminary hearing. Client received life insurance settlement.
People v. J.D.
Court: Central Courts Building, Los Angeles
Charges: Attempted Murder
Facts: Client accused of chocking his girlfriends 6 month old baby for excessive crying.
Result: Not Guilty. Voluntary Intoxication Defense (Demonstrated to jury client drank almost a full bottle of Vodka and blacked out after)
People v. L.Z.
Court: Van Nuys, Los Angeles County
Charges: Prostitution
Facts: Client who was in the US for under 5 years was accused of soliciting an undercover officer for sex prior to a massage.
Result: Not Guilty.
People v. M.M & G.C.
Court: Norwalk Courthouse
Charges: Assault with Deadly Weapon, Assault on a Peace Officer, Resisting Arrest and other related charges.
Facts: 2 Clients accused of attacking over 7 law enforcement during a Halloween party break up by the police.
Result: Not Guilty as to all counts for both clients
People v. M.P.
Court: United States Central District Court
Charges: Disturbing the Peace, Assault on a Peace Officer (2 counts)
Facts: Client arrested and severely beaten after being arrested for being drunk at a pool party. Police admitted in testimony that they had the option of giving a traffic citation and may have aggravated the situation at the client’s home.
Court: Lancaster, Los Angeles County
Result: Case Dismissed prior to preliminary hearing.
People v. A.R.
Court: Whittier, Los Angeles County
Charges: Assault on a Peace Officer, Resisting Arrest
Facts: Client was beaten and arrested after law enforcement tried to give a citation for not riding his bicycle in a designated path.
Result: Not Guilty All Counts
People v. S.J.
Court: Van Nuys Courthouse
Charges: Rape, Stalking, Assault with a Deadly Weapon and other charges
Facts: Client was accused by his ex-girlfriend of stabbing her with a screw driver and being forced to have sex with him.
Result: Not Guilty on all counts
USA v. M.P.
Court: United States Central District Court
Charges: Medicare/Medical Fraud
Facts: Federal law enforcement accused client (a medical doctor) of fraudulent billing practices alleging millions of dollars in fraudulent billing.
Result: Served less than 1 year in a minimum security prison.
USA v. V.P.
Charges: Conspiracy and Sale MDMA
Facts: Client accused of being involved in an international drug ring that allegedly imported millions of doses of the club drug “Ecstasy” from Europe into the United States. As a result of Operation Money Man, authorities seized well over 300,000 doses of Ecstasy with a street value of nearly $7 million and the seizure of approximately 160,000 tablets of Ecstasy (3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine, or MDMA).
Result: After a 1 month trial, Client was released and deported back to the Czech Republic.
USA v. I.V.
Charges: Rape, Lying to a Federal Government Agent
Facts: Client, a Homeland Security Officer was accused of having sexual intercourse with a person (who was applying for immigration) in exchange for favorable treatment.
Court: United States Central District Court
Result: Rape Charges dropped. Client to serve 6 months in a minimum federal prison facility.
People v. A.A.
Charges: Insurance Fraud
Facts: Client accused of purchasing an automobile with the intent to defraud, not make payment on the vehicle, report it stolen then sell it for profit under a different Vehicle Identification Number.
Court: Criminal Courts Building, Los Angeles County.
Result: All Charges Dismissed Prior to the Preliminary Hearing
People v. W.S.
Court: Airport Court, Los Angeles County
Charges. Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol (DUI)
Facts: Client is arrested for drinking and driving after hitting a pole in a Santa Monica intersection.
Result: Hung Jury
People v. A.C.
Court: Metropolitan
Charge: DUI
Facts: Client is arrested for Driving Under the Influence of alcohol. Blood Alcohol level is .14%
Result: Dropped to a Wet Reckless (Less than .08% BAC)