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R.J. Manuelian is an experienced Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney in California, an author, a speaker, legal expert, consultant and legal commentator for all major media outlets including FOX News, CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC and has covered high-profile cases such as: Linsday Lohan, John Edwards, Conrad Murray, Casey Anthony, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Amanda Knox, Jerry Sandusky, George Zimmerman, Colorado mass murder suspect John Holmes and recently the Jodi Arias murder trial.

In 2002, he opened his law office in downtown Los Angeles and has been practicing Criminal Defense Attorney in Los Angeles exclusively since. He has handled hundreds of criminal cases, ranging from cases involving DUI and motor vehicle crimes to murder.

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Los Anageles Theft Defense Lawyer

Theft crimes are among the most heavily penalized crimes in both State and Federal courts. If you are arrested or under investigation on suspicion of a theft crime, you may face come serious consequences that come with heavy penalties, including a prison sentence. Therefore, it is critical that you consult....

Los Angeles Alcohol Crimes Lawyer

Alcohol crimes include more than just instances where a person is arrested for drinking too much. In fact, alcohol is often involved in the commission of many crimes, both those considered to be alcohol-related and those not considered to be alcohol-rated. Four particular offenses stand out as definitely being alcohol-related....

Los Angeles Drug Crimes Lawyer

Drug crimes are among the most-often committed crimes tried in the nation. Drug-related charges in California and the US as a whole involve some form of drug possession or drug sale, both being crimes that can be tried as a misdemeanor or a felony, depending upon the specific circumstances of....

Los Angeles Sex Crimes Lawyer

If you have been accused or arrested for a sex crime, you need a qualified attorney on your side. R.J. Manuelian is an experienced Los Angeles sex crime lawyer who will listen to your side of the incident, respond honestly and knowledgeably to your questions, ensure that your rights are....

Los Angeles Violent Crime Lawyer

Violent Crimes are among the most-often publicized crimes in the world. No matter where you are located or what medium of news delivery you use, violent crimes always make headlines, and always result in a wounded reputation for the accused perpetrator of the violence whether found to be guilty or....

Los Angeles White Collar Crime Lawyer

Legal defense of white collar criminal allegations takes the skill of a criminal defense attorney who is highly familiar with corporate law and the ramifications of an accusation or charge of a white collar crime. The Manuelian Law Firm has extensive experience in the often-complex legal defense of corporate criminal....

Specific Legal Matters

The Manuelian Law Firm, in addition to representing those accused of serious criminal acts, also handles cases that fall into the realm of criminal law in some specific legal matters. Many times clients need follow-up legal assistance, a one-time legal matter handled, or some other criminal law legal work accomplished....

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Raffi is an incredibly energetic, knowledgeable and very caring attorney. He is extremely passionate towards his clients and the cause he fights for. We had a case that involved 8 attorneys and he outshun the other 7 in the courtroom....

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